I always love reading John Scalzi’s blog, especially when he puts up posts like this. http://whatever.scalzi.com/2015/11/14/par…

This is one place where (with a touch of caution here and there) I encourage folks to read the comments section. Mr. Scalzi moderates pretty firmly, and has little tolerance for BS. This is one of my favorite comments from that post, posted by ‘Dave’:

Thank you for these thoughts.

I shared this post with my Facebook and G+ crews, with the following comment:

Scalzi wisdom: re: recent events
TL;DR version: Hate and fear is both their greatest weapon, and the largest chink in our armor. Calmer heads prevail.
My thoughts: Wanna get back at ISIS? Go find a muslim and give em a big ol’ hug – post the pictures online. Make it a movement.

Hate is for people who are not capable of coming up with a better idea. For everyone else, we need to embrace and live that better idea.