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This article discusses a new book about John Updike. The article writer does an overview of the writer, seems to be two teams. Team A Updike is one of the great postwar (WW2) writers and Team B "penis with a thesaurus", "puerile misogynist", better at stifling a yawn then writing and "not very good". Part of Team B dislike is because he is so prolific 20 novels, loads of short stories, articles etc. Isaac Asimov was far more prolific and considered one of the great SF writers of the 20th century. So phooey on that argument.

The article does explore Updikes history and how he used so much of his life and friends in his works. Also Roth's opinion of him. I tried Rabbit Run in the 1980s and never got past 1/2 way, bored out of my mind. Is his work like Rabbit Run required reading in colleges or high schools? Faulkner is. Updike?


What is your opinion of Updike? After reading the article I am tempted to try Rabbit Run again. I also didn't know his mother was a writer.

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