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Johnny Depp Joins List of Celebrities Who Need to Shut Up

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Once again another self-serving celebrity has opened his mouth and said something cruel and insensitive. Today's it's Johnny Depp on his first trip to China.

My expectations were very high. From the very first second, I was impressed. It's beautiful, the foliage is different, the styles of architecture are different.

I would love to make a film here and spend time here. I could live here, easily. It's a very warm experience.


Much like Dennis Rodman in North Korea, Depp cannot honestly believe that he's getting the "normal" Chinese experience. Celebrities who travel abroad, especially to promote something in counties that have shady human rights, will never, ever get the real experience and moreso if they're personally profiting from the trip. (Depp is.)

The megalomaniacal dictators and governments just love people like Depp because those celebrities are guaranteed a top notch experience in that country so they can come back to the Western world to brag about it. It's a nice way for global assholes to thumb their noses at the Western governments that frequently chide them.


China is using you, Johnny, like you used the Native American culture to make a terrible movie last summer.

Maybe Depp should talk to this guy first to get the real scoop on life in China, although no one ever learned this guy's name or knows if he's even alive today. (Probably not.) Depp could learn a lot of things like how China has oxymoron free speech policies. China is also the global leader in executions, and that number is on the rise. China has a terrible record on women's rights, but Depp is a man so he'd never have to worry about that. Careful, Jack Sparrow! Don't breathe in the air because 16 out of 20 of the world's most polluted cities are located in China. It's a good thing Depp is a celebrity and making mad cash because over 70% of the Chinese population lives on less than $5 a day. One thing Depp wont' have to worry about is torture because the police supposedly stopped doing that.


But Depp wouldn't be aware of any of this because he's a celebrity and not a regular citizen. Perhaps this is why he he gets to be so cavalier about how "easy" it is to live in China. I wonder how the half million individuals who are currently detained without official charges or a trial in China feel about Depp's glib assessment.

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