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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Join Me For an Afternoon Whinge

So. I have to keep this massive list of all the movies we play each year and at the end of the year the list goes out looking all pretty to our members. And somehow, every fucking year, I get it wrong. And the annoying fucking thing is... it’s not my list. I keep a list and so does someone else in a different department. And they use her list, but for some fucking reason it’s my responsibility to make sure her list is right. And her boss doesn’t give a shit so I end up getting fucked because hers isn’t as well kept as mine.

So this year I was like, I am going to get this shit right. I sent a copy of my list to my boss just after Thanksgiving and was like, if you look this over now, we won’t be in a scramble at Christmas if something is missing or incorrect, we can take care of it now.


And today she was like “I’m getting other girl’s list next week and it needs to be correct.” WHY IS IT MY JOB TO MAKE SURE HER LIST IS CORRECT? I GAVE YOU A LIST! YOU LOOKED AT IT! YOU RESPONDED TO IT! One of her complaints last year was that the other girl’s list had a lot of duplicates so I specifically said mine doesn’t and my boss was like “Well why does hers have duplicates?” So I explained that sometimes we played films in two different series or screened it as a one night only and then decided to open the movie and she was like “Oh well then we need the duplicates.”

I’m gonna lose my mind. 

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