I know that many of you, like me, are totally fed up with Hollywood "remakes". They lose spectacular amounts of money. Critics fucking hate them to death. To DEATH.

Yet, still they come.

They're going to remake "Dirty Dancing." They're going to remake "Scarface." SCARMOTHERFUCKINGSAYHELLOTOMYLITTLEFRIENDFACE.

Now, comes word that they are remaking "Point Break," perhaps one of the greatest movies featuring Keanu Reeve's abs and Gary Busey's...Gary Buseyness.

Since we can't seem to stop the tide of shitty remakes heading our way, I say it's high time take a stand against them by doing one small thing. It's time we stop calling these movies "remakes." They. Are. NOT.


These filmmakers are lying to us. And we're letting them. They don't want to remake these films! They just want to steal their ideas! These alleged filmmakers are all "Oh I wish I thought of making a film about a bunch of mind-controlled wives or a terrible cruise ship crash. Why didn't I think of that? WAIT, I can just 'remake it'!!!"

You guys, when we hear about these terrible remakes that make no sense,how about we stop thinking of them as "remakes" and instead just think of them as films that are stealing ideas for plots and gimmicks from old movies or TV shows and leave it at as that. I mean, these people clearly just want to make an updated action movie with bankrobbers who use president's masks.

So let's just call it what it is—a "Stealmake!"

No more using "remake," journalists/bloggers! Call it a "Stealmake!" COME ON!! JOIN MY CAMPAIGN! WHO'S WITH ME!