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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Joining the shitty day club

But it could have been worse!

So I went off at about 2:30 this afternoon to get my car emissions-tested and re-registered, thinking it would be a breeze, twenty minutes and done. But no. First I had to wait in the emission testing line for 40 minutes. Then because I had lost the form the DMV sent me in the mail, I had to drive 15 minutes to the DMV and do the registration there instead of the one-stop shopping like I did last time. Ugh.


Finally sometime after 4 pm I am on my way home, proceeding cautiously down a major road with stoplights in order to avoid the traffic jam on the freeway. I’m in the left lane, I notice that the car in the right lane has slowed, oh look, pedestrian! Yay me, I stop for the pedestrian, it’s all good! Then . . .


I look in my rearview and all I see is a big-ass van right up in my window. This won’t look good when I get out. And oh, no, it doesn’t.


BUT. The young man who rear-ended me is very nice. We exchange info, he apologizes, tells me he saw me in time but his brakes failed. I go home car is drivable, looks like shit though) and spend an hour and a half working out how to report the claim and how to report the crash to the DMV. And I’m not hurt! Just irritated. I don’t have time for this.

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