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Jorbs, I have two

My whole work thing has been such a rollercoaster for the last year. I can’t say I feel settled, but it’s much better and I have to thank you all for being so supportive when things got ugly in my head.

The update: I started working at an office supply store, complete with individuality-stripping dress code, the week my unemployment ran out. It isn’t a great fit, but it’s better than nothing and the people I work with are really cool and helpful.


Update to the update: I registered with a temp agency and that day they had an order from a mental health agency for someone to basically administer a state housing grant. It’s basically helping manage a number of different properties that are transitional or respite housing for people with severe mental health issues. Specifically, the grant provides funds toward establishing housing. Though it’s admin it’s in my field and that feels more comfortable. I start that gig on Monday. It’s 30 hours, M-F and will eventually go full time.

The manager at the office supply place has been SO incredibly understanding. He told me that he really doesn’t want me to quit (he’s already told me how well I’m doing on a couple of occasions) and that he has room for someone who works a couple days a week and is available for call-outs. I decided to stay because he has been so great and because I really can use the money.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not scared of working so much and having one day off a week for the foreseeable feature. My body doesn’t handle a ton of stress very well anymore, so self-care is going to be enormously important. I’m three days a week in retail and can go down to two if necessary. Technically, I could quit that job if I had to, but I’d like to wait until the other job goes full time.

I actually have good news!!!!! What’s yours?

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