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Josh Whedon Quit Batgirl Movie

Do we really need another Gotham based project? Batman V Superman and Justice League presented a gloomy Gotham of course the tv series Gotham is just as gloomy but I gave up last season.

I wish it was more a Birds of Prey type movie by having adult versions of Selina, Poison Ivy and Barbara Gordon working together. Gordon as Oracle. I always loved her as Oracle.

It may be good since they want to hire a female director and female writers but I am so tired of DC Gotham tv and movie properties being so gloomy. Hire the writers of Lucifer and it may have promise.


You think Whedon may bring back Buffy the next generation with Buffy’s daughter as the new main Slayer and Willow as the new Watcher? Giles being the head of the Watchers.

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