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Welcome To The Bitchery

From the Huff Post.


From the article: “I think that all of us who love cinema, film professionals, those of us who perhaps make movies have the same doubt,” Pérez asked Cuarón during the press conference. “What were the technical and physical difficulties of filming in space? Perhaps we all have the same question, isn’t that right colleagues? Was it very difficult? Was it complicated to shoot in space? Did the cameramen get dizzy? I don’t know.”


ETA: It appears that the question itself was indeed a joke. Brilliant on the part of Pérez, then! His tweets in defense of the question are hilarious.

This reminds me of the time a teacher in my sister's French class asked if anyone had ever traveled to France, and one of her classmates responded that he and his family had driven there the previous summer. We lived in New England. They had gone to Montreal.

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