Before I discuss the subject at hand, I would like to thank the moderators who, in their all knowing wisdom, have granted me powers of corruption authorship privileges. I would also like to thank those few of you who starred my request for said authorship privileges.

Anyway, not long ago, in the wake of Cliven Bundy's idiotic standoff where he somehow convinced a few taxpayers that he was actually ripping off to stick up for him victory over tyranny with the assistance of a group of patriotic militia members, a hardworking journalist who normally covers all sorts of things horsey for Forbes named Vickery Eckhoff wrote a very interesting article article about the BLM's grazing program. It seems that the price that the BLM charges to graze cattle on its land ($1.35 per month) is significantly less than the fees charged by private land owners ($16.00 per month and up) for the same privilege on their land. Now I am certain that this does not come as a surprise to anyone that knows the government's history of favoring wealthy property owners at the expense of everyone else, but it is pretty amazing that there is someone out there who refuses to pay the paltry sum required to protect his right to fatten his cattle on the taxpayer's dime. There is more to this article that makes for some very interesting reading and I urge you all to check it out.

Now that is not all there is to this story, and here is the really interesting part. It seems that Forbes has fired Ms Eckhoff after this article was published. Funny how this works. This journalist normally covers subjects that are of peripheral interest to the wealthy readers of this publication: horses, the treatment of horses, and other horse culture related things (which I admittedly know very little about). The author then writes an article that touches on how ranching operations affect wild horses, but also happens to vividly show how the government is allowing itself to be ripped off by wealthy ranchers. The journalist, who I daresay has produced a very important piece of work, is then fired. I can only wonder what happened behind the scenes to silence this woman. I hope she writes another article and tells us the story behind her dismissal from Forbes. I also sincerely wish her the best, and I hope she can find a home with a publication that will truly appreciate her work.