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Juan Pablo, they can't all be the "special one"!

Warning: possible Bachelor spoilers.

Let me say first, that I am new to this Bachelor thing. Foxylocksley and I got sucked in by his friend's fiancé last season, and, now that we have cable, we decided to try out this season. but this season I'm quickly growing to loath Juan Pablo. Like, I would maybe be happy if I never again hear him whine about how hard this is for him, and how "special" each of the ladies are (not to mention this slut-shamey debacle). As a result of my palatable distaste for him, I also have a hard time respecting those ladies who are willing to wade through week after week of what I assume must be confidence-shattering psychological torture in the hopes that they can be the most- special of the "special one"s. Is it usually this bad? I recall feeling fairly indifferent toward the dude (Sean?) last season, but just assumed the ladies looked for different things in their fellas than I. This time around I just find me asking, in my best Michael Blooth voice, "him?"


What about you GT? Are any of you secretly (or not so secretly) in team JP? Is he worse than the other Bachelors? Or just as bad? Or better? Am I missing something?

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