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I'm a bit lost and confused regarding a commuting/home-buying quandry and am phoning in for some advice. For the last several years my boyfriend and I have lived in large cities (nyc, london, boston, etc.). We recently (8 monthsish ago) moved to a smaller city, where for the first time, we would actually be able to afford to buy a home.

Given our hectic time in cities, we have been really really craving living in an isolated country cottage. We seem to have found the perfect one, surrounded by mountains and on the edge of a large lake (see picture above). We love it, and it's well within our budget, and honestly, my soul just feels totally at peace out there (and it rarely does). Boyfriend adores it as well. But the problem is the commute.


It's a one hour drive from where we both work. Fortunately the drive is through more amazingly beautiful countryside, and there really isn't any traffic.

Would we be insane for signing up for two hours driving commuting every day (especially since we often work long hours)? Does anyone else do this? Do you regret it? Hate it? Love it? Does anyone do this and have children as well?

(Note: It would also probably be possible for us to afford to rent a shitty studio apt near our work since it's a bad/cheap neighborhood, and we could conceivably stay there a few nights a week.)

Many thanks for the help!

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