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Welcome To The Bitchery
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In order to be a judge, one must have cases on the docket to judge. Otherwise, Judge Kinja would be sitting around looking flawlessly cute. Because there are no cases on the docket, Judge Kinja finds sitting around looking flawlessly cute boring and would like to judge things.


Would you like to file a case for Judge Kinja to hear? Great! Here are the rules:

  1. There will be no decisions made when it comes with a dispute with another Kinja user. NONE. Don't even think about putting it in the comments either. Judge Kinja doesn't have time for such shenanigans. You will be dismissed and banned from the courtroom* if you break this rule.
  2. There will be no decisions made in regard to being banned from a Kinja blog or having people banned from a Kinja blog. None
  3. Judge Kinja is not a moderator on any sub-blog. Therefore, no decisions will be made in regards to situations that should require a moderator to handle. Don't know how to contact a moderator? Go here.
  4. While the Kinja community on Twitter expands, Judge Kinja will not see any cases that pertain to Twitter. If you have a problem with someone on Twitter, BLOCK AND IGNORE!
  5. Cases involving pets must include pictures of said pets. No exceptions to this rule at all.
  6. Any case that involves JJ Watt with automatically go to the top of the docket.
  7. Judge Kinja is not bribable. However, pictures of JJ Watt and gifts of books will most certainly have any case rule in your favor. This is not bribery but merely showing the Judge additional evidence.

If you have a case that needs to be judge then put it in the comments will a full explanation. Don't know what type of cases will be appropriate? Check out the comments on the previous post. This post will be bumped up on Friday and Saturday. Want to submit your case anonymously? Email afro.meatballs@gmail.com with details of your case.


2-4 case decisions will be featured in the "Judge Kinja Decided Your Case". All other decisions will be found in the comments section. Each decision will be each own comment and have the original case linked with exceptions to anonymously submitted cases.

Judge Kinja (the ultimate judge of Kinja) will be at the gravel on Sunday at 5pm CST to decide your cases.


*Courtroom=This post and any other Judge Kinja post

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