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I am a bad person. I am judging my cousin so hard right now. Her daughter is about to turn three.

She is one of those lovely people who posts to Facebook about five times a day, 99% of the time complaining about how awful everything is. Once, she posted about how hilarious it was that her toddler was sassy and slapped her parents, then a week later how awful it is that her toddler keeps hitting her. Ummm, if you laugh at it and think it's great don't be surprised when it continues. She complains about how awful everything is just about 24/7, and when she posted "I can't believe how whiny Shelby is! Where does this come from?" I had to physically restrain myself from saying something would have gotten me excommunicated from the family.

This is what comes across my feed this morning:


Let that sink in for a minute. The household has at least four iPads, two of which belong to a child who is not even three yet. THEY GAVE A ONE YEAR OLD AN IPAD AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Well this makes the ten dollar bouncing, lightup toy I got my six-month-old godchild look really shitty, huh? What she really needed was her own iPad!

I'm only 24, but clearly I am an old now. IPADS FOR ALL BABBIEZ PLZ!

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