Ever since I read this book on Buddhism several months ago I've been working on not judging people. Most of the time meditating on the phrase "The goodness in me recognizes the goodness in you" makes me more compassionate towards assholes* of all stripes. At the very least it keeps me from screaming at someone on the subway or storming off the job at work. This also happens to jive quite nicely with the Christian teachings I grew up with (you know, the whole "casting the first stone" thing) Sometimes, though, I forget to turn on my mantras. This usually happens with very little things. Here are some of the things I get all judge Judy on before I catch myself:

  • people who wear spring/summer clothes during the Snowpocalypse
  • people who drink lots of PBR when they can obviously afford a less disgusting beer
  • people who aggressively make out with each other while I'm trying to take their order
  • People who can totally afford shoes yet choose not to wear them when they are walking around one of the dirtiest cities on the planet (seriously, I once saw a guy skateboarding barefoot on a busy street in midtown manhattan)
  • people who play their music on loudspeakers on the train. Not buskers. Just regular people (mostly dudes) who've decided to blast their love of Drake to the entire car, regardless of young children people who may have headaches, or people who just want to listen to Welcome to Nightvale on their headphones in peace
  • People who take up lots of space on the subway for no reason (seriously, it's rush hour, why are you leaning on that pole?)
  • White people with dreds

Ok, confess GT: what little bitty things do you judge people for? Also, do you wish you could be better at judging other people? How about judging yourself? (I know I judge myself too much...and I judge myself for doing that) Confess, so we can all criticize you!!!

*and I just made a judgement! Bad Korra, bad!....oh wait...