So I have this friend who just broke up with a guy she'd been seeing for a couple months. He's an okay guy, but I had a terrible first impression of him and since then he's continued to annoy me a little bit every time he's hung out with us and my friend (his now-ex). He's just...a little bit immature, a little bit MRA-ish, and he's one of those guys who has this attitude like "women have just hurt me so much and rejected me soooo much!" Like...waaaahhh. Usually I have a lot of sympathy for people, and I do feel bad for this guy but...we've all been through breakups. Having a girl say she doesn't want to date you is NOT on the same level with abuse and rape and it's sort of annoying that this guy thinks his problems are the center of the universe. (To be fair to him, he did have a really shitty stepmom growing up, but I just learned that a couple weeks ago.) Anyways, so when my friend said she was breaking up with him I was kind of like "good, finally!" but obviously I didn't say that outright.

Well now he keeps messaging me on Facebook. Like every couple days. And always about the breakup. "I hope (friend) figures it out." "I am tired of having my heart broken." "She is just in a strange place right now, but we still love each other." Wellllll um. I know my friend broke up with this dude because she just feels it's "not right" between them - he annoys her a little bit. (Yeah no shit.) He thinks he can "fix" things and I know she's told him he can't. So even though I feel sympathy for him, I'm also like YOU'RE NOT LISTENING. I offered for him to do something fun with me and GreenHunk this weekend as a distraction and he said, no, he doesn't want to hang out with us because we remind him of her too much. Well if I'm not your real friend separate from the relationship, why are you messaging me to vent?!!! Oh that's right, you want me to try to intervene on your behalf to get her to change her mind! Um, no.

Nice Guys. They always think women owe them something. Well, Mr. Nice Guy, my friend doesn't owe you a place as her boyfriend, and I don't owe you my sympathy or my time to listen to you vent when you don't even consider me a real friend.