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Mr. Song got me a juicer for my birthday last week. (I am spoiled/lucky/ecstatic.)

So I went out and bought a bunch of produce - clearly not enough for the quantities of juice I want to produce.

I am requesting your advice and guidance on a few juice related topics - below, find a list of the fruits and veg currently in my fridge. Please suggest combinations for creating juice because I am a little overwhelmed and not sure where else to go with my bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. So far I have made apple-orange-carrot-cucumber-ginger juice, pineapple-cucumber-clementine juice and cantelope-spinach-cucumber juice, the latter-est being my favourite, because it's super green and delicious.


Bell Peppers
Roma Tomatoes

My next request for advice is where the hell do I get the volumes of produce I'm going to need to support my new juice habit? I feel the grocery stores near me (Gelson's and Trader Joe's) will be gouging my pocketbook, as will the farmers' market because farmers' markets are trendy and I live in LA so the costs are crazy high.

I'm off to Joshua Tree national park with my beau Mr. Song and my dad, so I will be delayed in responding but I do appreciate your advices! Thanks y'all. Have a gif which describes how I feel with my new juicer for your troubles.

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