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So, a coworker of mine recently went on a juice fast and had amazing results. I've been eating really terribly lately, and would love to press the "reset" button on my diet...and it seems like a juice fast would be a great way to kick this off. The problem is, I don't really want to buy a juicer. I have a teeny tiny kitchen already crammed full of appliances, and I've kind of put a moratorium on new kitchen gizmos.


Is there any way to do a juice fast without buying a juicer? There's a lot of juice places by my office, and my local grocery sells a few juices, so I have some options. I also really don't think services like Blueprint are an option, b/c $60 a day is wildly out of my budget. Is there a way to do it with, I dunno, Bolthouse Farms and regular old OJ, supplemented with a few store-bought juices throughout the week?

Any advice/recipes/tips/encouragement appreciated!

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