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Juicy yuletide gossip (and what I have been up to if anybody's interested)

So. I was hanging with the family (mom, dad, lil' bro) on, well, if I want to keep with the tradition of some of my (neo)pagan people, new year's eve but I'll just say Xmas eve so all you (culturally) Xtian peeps wouldn't get confused. And the neighbor lady and her son (good friend of my lil' bro) hang out with us and then she and mom get into her and our lives (we come to these original parts for only few times a year because we live abroad).

At some point during the last year she has dropped her whole crafty sewing trade and has become a catering provider. okay. then she says she's dropping all her life here (northern/eastern europe) and plans to pack herself and her 10yearold in her car and drive to southern Spain and start from scratch. um, okay.


Then she and mom get into discussing another neighbor lady. Who at some point had a boyfriend. who shot a man. shot him dead. and then was hiding himself at our neighbor lady's place. and it was basically all over local national media. and now he's fled to somewhere. :O

here's a picture of our table post-second-carnage of the holiday season featuring a candle stick from my father's side of the family, a Marimekko tablecloth that my late grandma acquired from the local babtist congregation's missionary thrift store (sometimes she would take me along to those saturday morning outings and we could find the coolest stuff) and a set of oven mitts that were a part of my present to my mother handmade by bolivian women and sold by some charity organisation at my work place Xmas bazaar (IRL they're really vivid in their color scheme). Imagine a soundtrack of profusely coughing 10yearold bro and 50year old father.

As for me, I'm wearing mascara, something that I haven't done in what feels like eons. Some days ago I went on a little spree and now am a wearer of shaping slips and bodysuits and bought some skirts and ladylike blouses. Have been working at my new job for two weeks and it feels like about 10 layers of skin has been peeled from my hands by all that paper I get to handle every day.


On the wee hours of the 24th, when I was drunk on most of the bottle of wine, I was loading all my troubles in the world on my Icelandic status-undefined guy (he's from the north and is a bastard so naturally I call him Jon Snow in my mind [he has yet to prove his cunnilingus skills tho so I might have to come up with another handle], he calls me Bloody Mary because of.. an incident).

Most of my news (hadn't seen Jon in a couple of months) revolved around Mr Spicy Sausage (a Moroccan/Italian dude I'm, um, seeing in my more permanent habitat of Luxembourg. well, I see him and then we go to discotheques and hookah bars and strip clubs and last saturday we ended up at an moroccan joint in Brussels where I probably-definitely would have not gained entrance had I been alone in my state of paleness, red hair, gray skinny jeans, red chuck taylors, no bling, no make up, no heels, no grasp of the arabic language, generally looking like I don't belong with even with the more covered up ladies among the clientele, so that was an interesting experience. And then we usually get plastered and have crazy sex.).


And Jon's all: I don't wanna hear about you and another guy! I suppose you don't have many friends if you feel like telling me all this.. And I'm like: duh! I'm awkward! That's like the national sport of my people. So of course I don't have many friends. Or more like, the friends I have are also my (ex?)girlfriend's friends so that would be awkward.

Tho before unloading to Jon I was unloading on my new best friend (a pakistani girl) who was unloading on me about how she's going back to Pakistan for the winter holidays and hopes she can make it back without hassles with airlines and visas and exited matchmakers back home (but her mother seems to have cooled off on the whole must-get-my-only-daughter-married-stat vibe luckily, yay!)


That has been a jumbled overview of current affaires in the life of moi.

Oh, I just realized, well, I have know before, but still just realized that you American people mostly get your presents in the morning of 25th and it has only just passed. But I got mine in the evening of 24th EET and that feels like ages ago by now. Weird.

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