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Julien Blanc & Animal Gifs for comfort

Meanwhile in our side of the world, Amsterdam is preparing for a visit from Julien Blanc during his world-tour. I'm happy to say I came across this petition on facebook, posted by a female friend of mine :

I'm sad to find that a girl posted this article as a response :


What she writes is basically the following: Sure she sexual violence is okay and sure she's been treated wrong sexually and felt raped or harassed, but masculine aggression is sexy! She think the idea of Julien pushing her face into his dick hot and doesn't understand why so many women are lying by saying they won't like that.

It's not like we needed more bad news today so I'll try to make it up with these animal gifs. The first is me after finding that reply..

Then there's me telling the girl "Stop trying to suck up to him. Just stop it."


Interpret the farting dog as you will.


Finally, a hedgehog to relax you.

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