The other day at a thrift shop I saw a few books by Anne Perry (Juliet Hulme) and thought what a rich ghoul. She killed in cold blood with her friend her friend’s mother Honorah Parker with a brick.. Now she makes millions off of murder mystery novels. Plus she tried for decades to hide her past and forget it. Sorry she stole a person’s future.

Now on the news Oscar Pistorious cannot testify in his sentencing because of depression amd anxiety. Sorry I do not care. There is a dead victim due to his hands. He was convicted of murder, I do not care what he has.

Am I.cold hearted? Murder in cold blood is unforgivable to me. Its an unredeemable act. One cannot give a life back once you take it. Murder is the theft of life, the theft of the victim’s future, the theft of friendship of the victims friends and family.

It just gets me angry. Juliet Hulme spent decades fooling people with a new life and Oscar Pistorious trying to fool us into caring he has depression and anxiety. Juliet Hulme’s murder novels are still being published. She is still being read.

Not a spits worth of difference between them. I know Hulme served time in prison. Pistorious will also.serve time in prison. Release does not mean redemption.Nor does it mean you can forget about it.


Here is a good article about Hulme. The last line is chilling.…