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Jumping on the haircut advice bandwagon

Inspired by Plain Jayne's request for counsel, I too would like hair help. Here's the deal: I have INSANELY thick hair. Like, normal clips and elastics can't hold its girth. It is also very vaguely wavy, like it does one or two waves total when shoulder length. This causes it to look pretty weird unless it is a) in a below-the-chin bob or b) long and permed (I know! Perms are cheesy!). I wore it short for many years and have gone back to perking it (twice in the past year). Problem is, the perm doesn't seem to hold too well in the top layer — I've gone to two different places which both used to perm me fine 5 years ago, but it happened both times. Anyway, here I am with it about 6 months grown out, looking raggedy. The layers are so wack too. Should I cut it shoulder length? Re-perm? Chop it? Something else? Haaaaalp!

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