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Welcome To The Bitchery
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June Skills Goals/Hello to Hackerspace/Request for Help

* taps mic*

Hello out there!

It’s time for a check-in.

Because this is getting shared to Hackerspace for the first time, a bit of background:

For 2017, Groupthink is hosting a support group for those of us who want to develop new skills or hone old abilities.


Initially, the idea was to focus on survival skills/practical skills, but it’s expanded to include anything that anyone wants to work on. So if you want to developing your foraging skills, thats cool, but also feel free to share your journey into the world of...the world of... (insert random but fun thing here. Sue me, I’m tired;) )

Want to participate?

Here is roughly the schedule of how it’s been working:

First Sunday of the month, there is a thread for everyone to announce their personal goals for the month. (Eg. I want to read a book on plant identification and master 3 kinds of rope knots.)


Second Sunday: a thread to request a volunteer to host a skillshare/AMA thread about something they’re an expert in. Check the tags to find old AMAs. We have a talented bunch at GT, it turns out.

Third Sunday: AMA thread. Again, check the tags to see old examples.

Final Sunday: check in to see how everyone did that month.

Now, this was how things were supposed to go. I must admit that, I’ve had difficulty keeping to this schedule, especially recently. Which brings me to my next question, anyone want to help me coordinate this? Respond to the thread and we’ll talk further. (Ideally, you have posting privileges on GT and Hackerspace, but if not we can make it work!)




Respond to this thread with

1. What your skills goals are for June.

2. Optional: If you are up for helping me run this group.

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