So the Junot reading/Q&A/signing was awesome! He is hilarious. The Q&A was ... interesting? He handled some stupid questions ("Why didn't you translate all of the Spanish?") with grace and sarcasm and really wanted to speak to the young folks and readers (not writers trying to make it) in the crowd. He talked about the importance of libraries (yay!) He spoke at length at about the recent awful ruling citizenship ruling in the Dominican Republic and noted "People hear 'White supremacy' and think white robes but it's systematic and more than just that racist dude over there." I maaayyyy have cheered at that, too.

I told him my Kara Walker story and apparently she loved the book so much that she emailed him about it. So he hugged me and thanked me for getting her to read it! I'm never washing my body again! jkjkjk

Also, before anyone asks, he was reading at a theater that is doing a production of Spamalot, hence the interesting backdrop.

Oh, I saw my friend from childhood's parents and while rushing to go say hi, I accindentally smacked a man in the head with my boob. So I guess I can scratch that off my bucket list!