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I felt it was kind of good in a meh way.

I feel like it was deja vu minus the amazement. The first JP which I saw in theaters I was amazed. Great music, favorite John Williams theme. The dinosaurs seemed real.


The characters also shared in the amazement. The head dino archeologist, Sam Neil, was amazed with what he saw. He was in many ways saying what the audience was thinking and feeling.

We had none of this. It might as well have been lions and tigers. The amazement was not their.

The bad guy was wasted. I kept wanting him to head back to NYC to solve murders.

Claire she was suppose to be in charge yet her character seemed off. The scene where she unbuttoned her jacket and fixed her blouse then said she was ready to travel seemed more like it was for the men in the audience to see cleavage. It was like they thought “yeah we know you might be sick of dinosaurs but here is cleavage”.


Also the way her assistant was killed seemed so way over the top.

The ending. Really? The water dinosaur? Seemed oddly deus ex machina like the writers pinned themselves to a corner and could not come up with a better ending.


It was meh. I hope Monster Island Park is the sequel. Rodan, Mothra and friends should be the next movie. Bored with dinosaurs.

Maybe dinosaur effects has not truly progressed from the first movie. There was a huge leap from stop motion effects like in King Kong, original, to Jurassic Park but too tiny of a leap from JP to JW.

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