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Welcome To The Bitchery

Although my heart breaks for their other two children—this is a huge relief. It barely took the jury 24 hours to find David and Collet Stephen guilty of failing to provide the necessaries of life. No sentencing date yet.

Hopefully, this will prevent them from harming thier other children in any way, but you just know we aren’t done hearing from these two. They have kept up regular (misleading and almost intelligible) blog and Facebook posts. They insist they are being framed by the goverment because—well, I’m not 100% clear why they believe are being framed—but it has something about their refusal to vaccinate any of their children (because they ‘heard so many stories from parents about vaccinations causing autism in their children’) or their role in selling nutritional supplements to treat mental illness and autism that Health Canada warned could be dangerous.


I hate it when the right thing happens it doesn’t really feel like a win for anybody.

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