I know that many of us here are already very aware of the resources available to us, but as a former huggy-lovey reslifer it’s only responsible to mention:

Self-care is really important, mentally and physically. We all have times where we don’t want to “burden” friends and family, or we feel that we can’t talk to anyone about what we are going through because it isn’t “important” enough. Don’t forget that it is okay to ask for help.

I have been personally having a hard time since February (no need to be alarmed). There have been a lot of not fun situations happening, and while I am fortunate to be surrounded largely by a lot of great people, I have found the National Crisis Hotline to be very helpful at some of these times when I have been particularly upset, like tonight. Always remember there are resources for you. There are people who will listen if you’re scared. The hardest part is calling, but once you do, you can be put in touch with people who can help.

As a culture there is a lot that we stigmatize, mental health issues among the largest of these. While I have nothing diagnosed, imagine those who do, and the difficulty and fear they must wrestle with before seeking help, if they ever do at all.

Treat your fellow humans with kindness, and be gentle. You never know who is being haunted by what. And for those folks, near and far, who have ever needed an ear to listen, please direct yourselves here if you find yourself experiencing a crisis and don’t know who to turn to: http://www.crisiscallcenter.org/crisisservices…


There is never any shame in asking for help.