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Just a little rant. I miss my dog.

I nearly broke down and sobbed and screamed at my still-brother-in-law's wife because OF COURSE they were over there for trick-or-treating last night and OF COURSE they brought the dogs, one of whom is MY dog who Separated Asshole decided without consulting with me that he was going to give to them because he didn't want to deal with her anymore.

And it's really fucking difficult enough to see my sweet girl, but I also have to listen to the constant reminders of how much MONEY they've had to spend on her in the past year and a half and her constant twittering about how much she does for the dog and how she takes such good care of the dog and how much she loves the dog. FUCK YOU.


I told her tonight that I was not consulted about the dog being handed over to them, and she was all "I didn't know! You can come visit her whenever you want!" NO. I miss my dog. My dog was stolen from me. I do not want to be allowed to visit the dog. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT BETTER. That makes it even harder. And I feel like I can't even get a dog for the Bots because that's a betrayal of my Tubby, and if we can have a dog I should be trying to get Tubbs back, but I know they won't give her back to me because the have spent SO MUCH MONEY ON HER OH MY FUCKING GOD!

In conclusion, I miss my dog. She was my only friend for so long, and I really need doggie hugs in my life lately.


She is not a direwolf, she is a little lap dog, but you get the idea.

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