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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Just a reminder -- there are still good people

I have an awesome, but not particularly useful (for others) superpower. I constantly lose very important items, but they inevitably find their way back to me. This irritates my boyfriend because he cannot BELIEVE that anyone can have that kind of luck. Lost my phone wallet (so, phone, ID, credit card) on a bus — it got turned in to lost and found with everything intact. Lost my house keys on campus — also turned in and identified before I had to re-key everything. It’s like being Moist for Dr. Horrible — not a great power for fighting crime, but it’s my thing. It’s uncanny that no one decides to just keep all my stuff. Once, my phone fell out of my pocket on a bus on my way to a work event, which I realized as soon as it pulled away. Luckily, the bus had to go through a roundabout and I managed to flag it down coming the other way.

On Friday, I went to the fancy market to get a steak to grill, which is a big splurge for me. Somewhere between there and home, my debit card disappeared. I realized it a few blocks from home and leashed up the dog to retrace my steps to no avail. When I did that, I left my phone at home and had several messages when I got back. Someone had found my card, apparently moments after I lost it, and called the bank to let them know, leaving their phone number. The bank gave me the option to cancel it and get a new one, or call her to get the old one back. Since it was the start of a holiday weekend, I decided to be trusting and get the old one back, especially since she said she uses the same bank. I called her, and she said she was out, and offered to drop it in my mailbox on her way home, and she did! It was awesome, and we were able to leave on time for our trip on Saturday and I don’t have to wait out a long weekend for a new card to get here.


Luckily, my bf was home for the phone call and aftermath and stood aghast that again, the person who finds my stuff is the one who says “Oh no, someone will be missing this!” and not “Shopping spree!!!”

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