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The new manager at my job. He's great for a sexist joke or ten million, but he severely fucked up today.

In the past he's made jokes about my getting certified to drive the forklift (because bitches can't drive) and he's expressed shock at my being able to drive a stick because "not many ladies can do that."

But TODAY. I handle the cash at work so people give me change and stuff, so he comes up to me with a handful of bills and says, "Here you go, roma. Dance."


When I get really angry I flush and this sort of white haze descends over my vision. I got so angry that I literally went blind for about five seconds. I must've given him quite a look because he then said, "I was just joking."

And I said, "That wasn't funny. At all. Nice try, though."

And I got the lockbox out and made him put the cash away himself because fuck that guy. I told my boss and he looked appalled so hopefully he'll give Mr. Dickbag a refresher on harassment.

But seriously. What in the fuck is wrong with people? Grown-ass people doing this kind of shit? I fucking can't even.

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