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Just another day at work...

...was today especially sexist/crappy, or am I just more aware of it because of recent events? A day in the life of someone who is fucking sick of working in a male-dominated field and constantly reminded of it day after day...

As I'm sure many of you are aware, my job requires me to go to different body shops (and also customer's houses and such) throughout the day. I probably hit up 4-5 different body shops a day, in addition to maybe 1 or 2 customer's houses/places of work. This is a male-dominated field, but I do have some female coworkers (more so here than anywhere I've ever been! Yay!)

So today, I roll out to my first body shop and ask to meet with the manager/owner. The first words out of his mouth are: "how long have you been doing this, sweetheart?" Okay. So maybe I look young? Or he asks everyone this? I don't know. He's never met me before, so I give him the benefit of the doubt and decide that has nothing to do with me being a woman or not. (for the record, the answer is SIX YEARS, ASSHOLE. And I was a mechanic before this and spent every summer in high school working at a salvage yard dismantling cars for parts)


On to my second shop, where I have multiple appointments, so I know I will be there at least an hour and a half, probably a little bit longer. I walk in to the shop, and notice that the techs are leering at me. Enough that I feel very uncomfortable. Thankfully, my two cars are outside, and when one of the guys offers to pull them inside out of the rain, I decline and just stand out in the freezing rain for an hour. I go back and forth with the shop owner, finally reach an agreement, and realize I gotta pee. Bad. Next shop is 30 minutes away. So I ask if they have a bathroom. Tech points to the back of the shop, so I walk the gauntlet of stares and go into the bathroom. Which is wallpapered in naked ladies torn out of magazines and printed off the internet. Some of whom are bound and gagged. I hightail it out of there (more leering, some smirks), and as I'm walking out of the front office, I notice a sign... "Customer bathroom down the hall." With an arrow pointing in the opposite direction of the bathroom I was told to use.

Last 4 assignments of the day were relatively uneventful, and one was even pleasant, but I was in a bad mood after this morning. So I decided to treat myself to dinner after work. Like I always do when I'm eating alone, I pick a table out of the way, pull out my phone for something to read, and start to eat. Not 30 seconds later, an older guy sits down across from me.

"What's a girl like you doing eating by herself?"

"Just that. Eating. Please leave me alone."

"Whatever, bitch." And he walked away.

So I came home, showered, smoked a few cigarettes, and then showered again. I guess I should be grateful that at least I wasn't assaulted today!


And now I should go to bed because I am just So. Fucking. Tired.

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