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Just another rant about my in-laws

So my in-laws are notorious for trying to make plans with us with little notice. THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY. I am a planner and even if my plan is to watch Gilmore Girls in my pajamas all day and bake cookies, I don't like having that plan change on me unless I actively choose to change it (if that makes any sense). Okay, so that example is semi-irrational, I know, but you get the point. The whole last-minute thing has been my biggest source of frustration with my in-laws and Mr. Peachy, who is put in the middle. He finally told them how much it bothered me, but has anything changed? No. Now his mom is just all "Oh, sorry about the last minute plans again Peachy!" It always gets blamed on my father-in-law's work schedule, which he only gets a week or two in advance, but a week would be PLENTY. I'm just asking for at least 24 hours here. It's really not that much. (and it's not just random visits that are planned last minute, I think they called to tell us the Christmas plans on the 23rd...)

For example, one Sunday his mom called and asked if we could come up to their house (about 45 minutes away) because his aunt was in town and wanted to see us. She asked if we could be there in 2 hours. It took his aunt 5 hours to drive there. It wasn't a spur of the moment trip. His mom's excuse for not telling us sooner was that she wanted to make sure the weather was good, because if it wasn't his aunt wasn't going to come. Apparently it would be impossible to call us up and say "Oh hey Mr. Peachy. Your aunt is thinking about driving over here from another state this weekend. If the weather is bad, she isn't going to, but assuming she does, would you be free to come over on Sunday afternoon?" THAT IS ALL I'M ASKING FOR. I don't care if the plan doesn't work out. I would just like to know about the possibility of something happening.

Anyway, it was no surprise when Mr. Peachy told me a few hours ago that his parents had just called because they were in St. Paul and wanted to meet up with us. They couldn't call before they left to drive to St. Paul or even on the way there. They called after they had been in St. Paul for a few hours.


I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out our kitchen and moving everything in it into other areas of the house because we have an exterminator coming this week for some pest issues we've been having. So, our house is a MESS. I overheard Mr. Peachy talking to them and he invited them over and I interrupted and said "Please, do not invite anybody over right now." He made plans to meet up with them instead, but after he hung up, he acted annoyed saying his parents wouldn't care about the mess. Well...I care. There are piles of things everywhere. I don't have any food to serve or beverages other than water (the lack of soda seemed to befuddle them the last time they visited). I don't think it was crazy of me to say they couldn't come over with no notice. I wouldn't invite my parents over right now either. Not to mention, I told him I needed to study for an exam I have this week today, so even if our house wasn't a mess, I wouldn't be able to study very well if people were talking in the living room, right next to my office (not to mention I'd feel awkward about hiding out in a different if they came over).

So Mr. Peachy thinks I am being "frustrating" but I think his parents are frustrating, so whatever. UGH. At least I had a good excuse for not being able to join him. Now back to studying. Feel free to share your in-law woes for me to read on my next break :)

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