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Alright, guys, so guess what I just did? Did you guess I applied to grad school? Oh, you read the title and saw that I did? You're no fun. But I don't care. I APPLIED TO GRAD SCHOOL.

This is a super big deal for me as it is was one of my major goals on my Adulting Properly checklist. The first was Moving Out of Parents House, which I accomplished in September, but I was putting off Applying To Grad School because I was overwhelmed and kind of scared of everything (can I do this? Am I doomed to a life in Customer Service?). Now, I just have to work on writing more and getting exercise and I will be like 75% a Real Adult™.


Major thanks to GroupThink. I seriously don't think I could have done this without the support network you guys give me. I would have been boned on my personal statement without everyone's advice and examples. Super special thank you to zap rowdowser who let me moan and bitch about it all while still reading all my drafts. Thank you, love!

And now: GIF PARTY!


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