does not mean I am stupid.

Representatives from Just Energy came to my door and asked if I still had price protection on my electricity bill. Then the rep said she needed to see my bill. Ummm... you aren't the electricity provider nor are you the 3rd party biller I am contracted with. Why do you need to see my bill? She tried to say that Just Energy was with Oncore which is the actual energy supplier. She implied that Oncore had invited them out but didn't say that outright. I'm sure they are "with" Oncore, but in the same respect the biller I'm contracted with is. She got huffy when I asked for the third time why I had to show her my bill and said, "Fine, if you don't want to save money, " and stomped off down my stairs.

Is no one else as skeptical as I am? Someone from a company you've never heard of comes to your door and asks to see your bill and people just show them? really? My bills are online anyway. I'm not inviting anyone in to look at my bill.


I know they want to show me where they can save me money so I will switch. They are door to door sales people and don't have the nerve to admit it. Fuck them.

And I'm under contract until August, anyway.

I am all for companies making a case for me to switch to them, but I'm not switching when I have to pay out a crap load to my current energy provider. I am not for companies that aren't being open about the fact that that is what they are doing.