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Just been to see Pacific Rim... and my crazy life while a teeny bit trousered.

Was on a bit of a downer today, within 30 seconds of eachother this morning my Dad informed me via text that my divorce had been submitted before the judge (a bit more complicated in the UK and the penultimate stage, my parents spending their retirement running postal interference for me) and the girl that I really had the hots for texted me to say good luck on my adventures, but that we were done (can't blame her one little bit: I have a massive case of the wonderlust right now and she knew it).

So I'm killing time in Sydney right now before heading into the middle of nowhere to build a fence (Yep, an Englishman conducting physical labor in order to get an extended visa in order to stay in a former penal colony - no irony lost here) and decided I needed to pick up my spirits after this barrage of bad (but somewhat expected) news. I'm currently staying with my schoolfriend V and she wasn't home for 4 hours.


What better than to go see a film seeing monsters and robots having a bit of a Barney to cheer me up?

The answer: nothing.

Within 10 minutes (at the age of 30) I was texting my brother to ask him on a semi serious note whether he was up for becoming a fellow Jaeger pilot; As brothers we seem to have a better chance of being able to meld our minds.

By the 30 minute mark I was seriously contemplating whether I would be a better strategic commander than the apparent cretins battling creatures from the deep.

By one and a half hours I was wondering why on earth they were not using a handy oil super tanker as a baseball bat... OH WAIT... MIND EXPLODES...


I think I've made my case. Watch this film. If you liked any part of the Transformers films (the prior pinnacle of humankind's cultural achievement) you will LOVE this.

Right now I'm pissed as a fart; V having had the day from hell at work, me being in a totally hyperactive mood (which according to V leads to me causing trouble... V? How could you? Scandalous!), caused by a synergy of me watching robots and monsters kicking the living shit out of one another, walking to meet her listening to the Kickass soundtrack, drinking copious amounts of booze to prove to the locals that the motherland (England) still has the edge and right now listening to ALL the versions of Danza Kuduro on Spotify: bringing back amazing memories of dancing barefoot on a pier deck in the Honduran bay islands from November last year while chucking bad Tequila down my neck watching the students I have to lead 0n a SCUBA dive at 7am after half an hour of sucking down pure oxygen (mental note: check out flights back there - it's either that or Hawaii in November).


Enough incoherent ramblings: LIFE IS AWESOME.

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