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Just Binge-Watched Orphan Black

And I want to talk about it.

So I was supposed to spend the weekend fishing offshore but the weather didn't work out. That left me with a weekend devoid of people or plans. So, since I'd loaded up Orphan Black on my kindle so I would have something to watch for the ten hours it would take to get to our fishing spot (and then the way back), I figured I'd watch it anyway.

Now, though, I need another show to queue up since we're going to try again next weekend. I'm open to suggestions. Please advise.


But Orphan Black. Oh wow! I love it. I have the craziest mad crush on Cosima. And I'm totally sympathetic to Mrs S. And I love Cal, even though he looks indistinguishable from Daario 2.0. And I am so amused by Alison. And I love the industrial soundtrack. And poor Helena - can't she catch a fucking break? And creepy creepy Prolethean Patriarch - I don't think he's dead because he's too evil to die offscreen. I don't think Rachel's dead either. Anyone else think that she's named after Rachael Tyrell (Blade Runner)?

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