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Just can't come

So, I started seeing this new guy after getting out of a very long relationship. Everything is there—there is so much sexual chemistry, it's ridiculous. We've had sex twice now and both times I've been unable to orgasm. The first time, I thought maybe it was just because it was new (I've also only slept with one other person, with whom I was in the long-term relationship) and that I just needed to get more comfortable. The second time, everything was perfect and it felt great. I was on the verge of climaxing several times, but it just never happened. He's great about the foreplay, so I felt that I was aroused enough, and I tried several positions, including my go-to girl-on-top where it's usually very easy for me to orgasm. But no such luck. Do we think it's emotional? Or might just take more time for our bodies to sync up more (don't know if this is possible because it's pretty hot!). I'm just confused and disappointed.


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