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Welcome To The Bitchery

Just finished Stranger Things. Let's talk

Holy *shit* that was good. Just 100% note perfect. Down to the Stephen King font they used for the titles.

BoyHeathen and I got to discussing what they might do for a season 2. Will they continue to follow events in Hawkins? Is Will infected with interdimensional monster eggs? But then we thought that might be hard, what with most of the lab eaten or brain melted. So BH said “ maybe they’ll do it like American Horror Story. An anthology with some of the same actors but a different setting and plot” Which could be really cool. But do you try and remain in the 80s? How much more could be mined from that particular decade worth of influences. I think it would be neat if they expanded into other decades . A season of 60s all Hitchcock and ghosts. A season of 70s with an eye to the exploitation slashers and revenge films. But then I thought that was a dumb idea. What would you do for a second season? Would you even DO asecond season or just let those 8 episodes rest together as a sublime miniseries?


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