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And I’d do it again.

Today was parent teacher interviews, and one of my Kindergarten parents expressed concern about her daughter going to Grade 1 next year. The girl’s older brother is in Grade 1, and is in an extremely difficult class with some major behaviours.

I asked her if she had spoken to the Principal, and the mother told me that she keeps trying to, but she can’t schedule an appointment. Twice he told her he couldn’t meet with her, but would call her, and he never did.


A third time she went to the office after to school to try and talk to him, and he stood at his office door and said to her “I know what your problem is, and I have assigned another teacher to the class.”

The other “teacher” is the school’s sole Special Needs assistant, and she has been pulled off helping autistic kindergarteners to this class. She’s awesome, but stretched way too thin.

The staff at my school have been dissatisfied with the Principal for a long time. We get little support from the office. For example, a Grade 7 student came up behind the French teacher and cut her hair! and there were no consequences from the office.

At staff meetings he tries to say that the school has always had behaviour problems. Which is true, but they have been getting progressively worse over the past 3 years.


So anyways, when I heard he was blowing off this Mom, I decided to act. Like many of our parents, she is a new Immigrant, and doesn’t really know how to navigate the system.

If this were Rosedale, there would be no way in hell he’d be blowing her off like this. It’s only fair that our parents be given the same awareness of the system as rich parents.

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