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So last fall I was in a car accident (other driver pulled out from a stop sign directly in front of me and just stopped.). I T-boned the other car, and yet somehow my driver side airbag didn't deploy, even though the other car's side impact curtain did.

We thought it was odd at the time. Mr. Ivriniel handled talking to our Insurance agent, and the moment he heard the airbag didn't deploy, he recommended that the car be totalled.

Anyways, fast forward to today. I now drive a Honda, so when I got a letter from Toyota I almost pitched it without opening it, but for some reason I had a look at it.


It was a recall notice for my old car. The reason for the recall? A spiral cable in the driving column could be damaged by turning the wheel resulting in the airbag failing to deploy in the event of an accident.

Great. Thanks for the update, Toyota.

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