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Just got an epilator...and I'm scared

I ordered it off Amazon, picked it up at the post office over my lunch hour. Now it is sitting at home waiting for me to return, probably thinking evil things. And I'm scared!

For some reason, lately when I've been shaving my legs, they've been getting really itchy and even red bumps a day or two later. I decided since they randomly decided to start being terrible, I'd take the plunge and try an epilator. I got the Braun SE7681 because I've had it recommended and it has pretty high reviews.


I've waxed before (though just bikini area, not legs), and have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I'm lying to myself and telling me it won't be that bad. Is anybody else willing to lie to me, or willing to offer tips on use that will make that lie a little bit less of a lie? I'm already planning on using it after a shower and exfoliation, but other than that, I have no idea what I'm doing here...except ripping out all my hairs with lots of tiny tweezers.

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