I am so excited! It was in response to the comment I left on the article about Millennials yesterday, where I questioned the idea that maybe every problem facing the Millennials isn't our own fault and might have something to do with the screwed-up state of the economy the other generations left for us. I can only assume it was by a Baby Boomer given its tone, which I can only describe as deranged, and the author's name (which was KillMillennials, so, there you go). The funniest part for me was when the author hysterically talked about it not being the fault of Boomers, but of the 1%, and in my head I was all, "um...how many Millennials are calling the shots for the 1%, exactly?" Also, I gotta say, I've never been called the c-word before, so that was a new experience. I dismissed it, of course - that sort of hate-filled bullshit has no place here - but I feel validated by the whole thing. I feel like I just stopped wearing Pull-Ups! I'M A BIG KID NOW!