Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

From that kitchenette article about Open Carry Texas making a big scene at a nearby jack in the box.

This same group was in my town on Sunday (y'all might remember my hurried, frightened post about it) brandishing rifles in front of my old high school. Apparently being frightened and disgusted by this makes me a stupid cunt who will change my tune when someone comes to rape me. Hooray! Rape culture is definitely Not A Thing and I just forgot my place by daring to be a woman on the Internet with an opposing view! I hope these gentlemen sleep well tonight!


Seriously though. What if everyone a guy made a comment like this, they immediately had to meet their intended victim, look them straight in the eyes, and say it to their face. With their parents/the victim's, their employers, their girlfriend/partner/potential romantic interest as audience. Because you are scared and upset by heavily armed men running a political agenda roaming through your neighborhood, you are a dumb cunt who should be raped.

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