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Just had a weird, uncomfortable experience

Just a little while ago, I was walking across campus when I saw a guy walking toward me with a gait that reminded me of some people I know who have cerebral palsy. As we neared, he got my attention and I stopped to see what he wanted—I assumed he wanted to get directions, since this campus is pretty confusing.

He had a very heavy stutter, so it took a few tries for me to understand where he was trying to go, and every time I asked him to repeat himself he moved closer and closer to me. Finally I figured it out and gave him directions to the building he wanted.

At which point he thanked you and wrapped me in a hug, pressing his cheek against mine. He was taller than I was, so he kind of leaned over me as he was doing so and I couldn’t just slip out—I had to push away from him to get him to stop.


As I walked away, really weirded out by this strange sweaty guy who had just hugged me, I looked back and saw him running away.

What the heck just happened? Did I get a really weird uncomfortable hug from a guy who has some disability that prevents him from walking easily but doesn’t keep him from running? Or did some guy just pretend to have a disability because he thought it would make it easier to go around hugging random women?

Either way, I’m seriously creeped out and my cheek feels gross because it has someone else’s sweat on it. Ugh.

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