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Just had something happy happen

A man that has been living with and has helped buy a house with my sister (who is a victim of horrible (really, horrible) domestic violence by her ex-husband called me today to tell me he is going to propose. They are both over forty, and I know this will be a small ceremony. He has not proposed yet, but I'm already trying to figure out what to do for my incredible, wonderful most awesome sister. I'm probably going to troll pinterest abit. But I want something individual. Honestly. I'm up to my eyeballs in my kids and their current schooling/lives. I'm also dealing with some personal problems like getting over some minor-ish depression stuff that I won't go back into as I already did that many months ago in "old" GT. I'm getting better. I think.

Anyway. I'm mostly happy for my sister. This new man is a good, actually kinda great person. I was very leery at first. My sis has a way of choosing fixer uppers, most are violent.

I have reserved judgement on this particular man for 18 months. Afterall he has shown himself to be loving, very loving, very sweet, very lazy, overweight, short, too quiet, a weirdish conservative (can't explain this more, sorry)...but goddamn if he doesn't love her and treat her right.


(plz understand that I'm very snarky and sarcastic—just read my above sentence and saw how it could be read differently)

Whoa. I've written a lot. Sorry. Wine. Chritter made me do it with his wine post, which I totally recommend reading. I really need a good idea for a gift, or deed that can be perfectlyish individualized to this couple.

Annnnndddd. Now I'm crying. Blergh.

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