So I don't know my neighbors really at all, but they seem nice enough based on elevator hellos. Tonight it sounds like they had some guests arrive around 10 from another city and were having a raucous reunion. The noise carried on and on though, so I decided to knock and mention how late it was getting. It went like this:

Me: hey guys, it's getting kinda late on a work night and uhh......*mumbles indistinctly about noise* trying to sleep now

Neighbor man: We could hear that you just started an episode of downton abbey and then paused it to come over here

Me: uhhhhhh yeah....*mumbles*

Neighbor man: you watch a lot of downton abbey at really loud volume

Me: Yeah, sorry I should turn it down a bit, I just have trouble hearing that show for some reason...*mumbles about accents*


Neighbor man: ok, well have a good night

Me: goodnight

Somehow that took a turn I was not expecting.

Tl;dr Just found out that my neighbors know I mainline downton reruns on an almost unending basis, and so they probably know that I talk back to the characters