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Just had to share . . . "Don't Swim in the Sea!"

So, Storm Desmond rolled through here over the weekend and there was lots of flooding all over the country (as happens) and some power outages (although I don’t think as many as there were for the previous week’s Storm Clodagh), but the big thing that everyone was talking about was RTE weather presenter Teresa Mannion’s broadcast:

You know how I can tell I’m not exaggerating in saying “everyone was talking about it”? National treasure Roddy Doyle wrote a “Two Pints” vignette on it. He’s been doing microfiction posts on Facebook for a while now, and they’re usually spot-on cultural commentary and pretty hilarious.

Roddy Doyle

16 hrs ·

-See someone from the RTE News got wet?

-I’ve never annythin’ like it – never seen such fuckin’ courage. She didn’t even have her hood up.

-And did you see the cars goin’ past her? She could’ve been splashed. But, fair play, she stuck at it.

-I’ll tell yeh - I remember seein’ news reporters in Vietnam - .

-Yeah, yeah. An’ Biafra.

-An’ Palestine.

-An’ the tsunami.

-An’ Belfast, don’t forget.

-Yeah, yeah. An’ there was tha’ photographer on the beach on D-Day when the lads were landin’.

-All sorts o’ fuckin’ bombs an’ whizz bangs goin’ off all around him.

-It wasn’t rainin’ on fuckin’ D-Day though, was it?

-He had it fuckin’ easy.

-But your woman.

-She just stood there, in the wind an’ the fuckin’ rain.

-An’ she told us that it was windy an’ fuckin’ rainin’.

-An’ to stay in.

-A hero of our fuckin’ times.

-She could’ve stayed in herself an’ looked out the window.

-Exactly. Or do wha’ they usually do. Interview other poor fuckers who’d been outside an’ ask them what it was like.

-But no. She put on her coat an’ went ou’.

-Personality o’ the Year.

-Future president, I’d say.

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