This company is the worst most incompetent company in history of mankind.

In August internet on our Smarttv was not good. I called Dumbcast and the person said “oh your modem is not up to date you need a new one”.

Next day we went in person. I handed the modem and in return got a new one. The person I handed it to said the modem I returned was up to date. This was still in August.

Same day I spent two hours on the phone getting new modem to work. Talked to four people in four departments. The last said “call Sony”. I then spent five minutes getting it to work. The settings were wrong.

Today we gpt the bill. Note always, always leave the room when cable bill comes. My mother always gets mad reading it well most of the time. Sure enough Dumbcast made an error. Remember in August when we handed in old modem for a new one? Well we got billed for two modems for September. My mother called, she was not happy, the billing person said we have two modems.


My mother said we returned the modem for a new one that’s really no better. Billing person said it was not in their system as returned. My mother descrbed where we traded it in. The billing person said people pull this to have two modems. That was absolutely the wrong thing to have said to my mother. My mother then described the location of their branch office even describing restaurant it was next to. My mother also said who would need two modems that makes no sense, she was angry at this point. The billing person then made huge mistake number two saying she could call the company back up and try to get connected to that branch office. My mother said she was not calling back to be put on hold yet again for their mistake.

The billing person said they would look into it and just send ten dollars less in payment.


How are they still in business?