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Just in case anyone has heard of/likes/doesn't hate them....

I wanted to share with you all that I went and saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor last night and seriously, does anyone love these guys as much as I do?

They are pretty much a group of hyper-talented Canadian musicians, and their music can be heavy on the political side so they have been called activists or terrorists, depending on your POV.

They were detained by the FBI in Oklahoma once for being suspected terrorists. (How cool is that?)


Their violinist Sophie Trudeau is everything I have ever wanted to be in my life EVER.

When they played Sad Mafioso I almost cried.

So I just wanted to share in case anyone knows them or to say hey, you should check them out, maybe. I can't get the photo I wanted to use to work so instead I am including a photo I took of a tree that I think reflects the musical style I am talking about, here. :P

Haha, okay, nevermind, that didn't work, either. Now it's just me talking about a band without a photo to enrich the experience. Oh well.

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