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Just in Case You Were Wondering What Flat-Earthers Think of the Eclipse

Philly Voice has an article based on interviews with Flat Earthers and what they think of the eclipse.

Apparently, the sun and moon are the same size. But while the sun takes 24 hours to go across the Flat Earth, the moon takes just a little bit longer. So, every 27.3 days, the sun overtakes the moon. When it aligns we get an eclipse.

Believing that the earth is falling around the sun while the moon is falling around the earth and not effected by the sun’s gravity is nonsensical again. This is what children are taught in school and are not allowed to question without being labeled mentally impaired.

Every sense we have tells us the sun and moon are close to the same size, local and circle above our flat stationary plane. Only nonsense tells us otherwise.


Alternatively this theory.

Rahu and Ketu in Vedic astrology are considered mythology by western astronomy. Rahu is the head of the serpent and Ketu is the body. In mythology, during an eclipse, they thought the head swallowed the sun.

We have to have something rise that causes eclipses in the flat-earth model. We think it’s not necessarily caused by the moon, though it could be.

What I find interesting is photos that came from a flight that took place during another eclipse. People were shooting (pictures) out the windows. It was suspicious. The only thing that came out of that were some vague out-of-window shots. But, when they were digitally enhanced and blown up, we could see several black objects that looked like a little serpent, which was really strange.

Turns out they don’t deny things you can observe (just don’t ask about pictures showing the curvature of the earth... That’s all special lenses)

I don’t think we are prone to denying anything we can observe. We disagree with most of the Copernican/NASA explanation for observable phenomena, but not with observable phenomena itself.


And finally, my very favorite theory.


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